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The HCG Diet - What Happens After Treatments Stop?

"When you go on the HCG diet, your body will undergo some amazing transformations. Not only will you lose a substantial amount of weight, your body contour will actually change and your body will reprogram itself in a number of weighs. In addition, your body will actually reprogram itself in a number of ways. Namely, your hypothalamus will make adjustments to its metabolic weight. These changes are integral in helping you lose weight while you are on the HCG diet program. But, what happens to your body weight once you stop getting HCG injections.

Your Appetite After the HCG Diet

After you stop receiving HCG injections, you will likely find that your appetite has changed. While you are receiving the HCG injections, you will be following a low calorie diet. This will help your stomach become used to eating smaller quantities of food. At the same time, you will have made drastic changes to your eating behavior that will stay with you for life. Since your body has made such major changes, such as those in your hypothalamus, it will also continue to be more effective and will help you keep your appetite lower.

Making Changes to Your Exercise Routine

In order to maintain the results you gained from your HCG injections, it is also beneficial to implement a regular exercise routine. You don't have to go overboard with your exercise routine. In fact, simply fitting fifteen minutes of cardio into your daily routine should be good enough to help you keep your new figure. You might also want to engage in yoga or any other activity that you enjoy that will help you get your heart pumping. Since your hypothalamus was reset with the help of your HCG injections, you will find that your metabolism is more efficient. This means your exercise routine will be more effective after you have undergone the HCG injection therapy.

Some people choose to continue with their HCG injections for a long period of time in order to make sure the weight stays off. Those that suffer from illnesses that tend to result in weight gain are more likely to decide to continue with the treatments for an extended period of time. Since the hormone is completely safe and side effects are rare, choosing to use HCG for a long period of time should not be problematic.

If you do decide to stop taking HCG injections to assist you with Weight Loss, you should find that it is relatively easy to keep those pounds off. If you do find yourself putting the weight back on, however, you might want to consider using HCG injection therapy once more in order to get yourself back on track."

Marion Goldsmith is the public relations director of HCG Medical, a medical hcg Weight Loss clinic located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Marion is a former medical Weight Loss physician has written articles on a variety of topics, but currently focuses on HCG Weight Loss.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marion_Goldsmith

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