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The Fastest Ways to Destroy Your Sexual Moods and Sexual Life

1. Comparison with others. No two persons can have the same sexual experiences. No matter what you read or watch, you can only learn principles. You must not make it your aim to have the same type of experience as others.

You must learn how to gain your own experiences. Otherwise, you will be destroying your self confidence and self esteem in trying to be like others.

Comparing yourself with others will only lead to more heartbreak for you, especially when you fail to measure up to your supposed expectations.

To make the most of your sexual life and really enjoy yourself, make it a point to focus on yourself and your partner alone. Build your own love life and gain your own experiences.

2. Being Conscious of your body. You could actually destroy your moods by focusing more on your body than on the pleasure to be derived. By thinking more of your body, of your body type or other facts about your body, you reduce the pleasure to be derived from the act. It drastically reduces your chances of enjoying yourself with your partner.

Take your focus away from your body and focus on what you want to do.

3. Trying to fit into the mold of the experts. At times, some people cannot differentiate between following a role model and actually trying to be like their role model. When listening to an expert or following an expert's lessons, some people actually think that they must assume the fellow's role, and be exactly like him.

You cannot be anyone else, so quit trying to fit into a particular model. You can learn from others, but you cannot copy them and hope to be like them.

You must discover your own uniqueness and what works for you best, then keep with it.

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