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Lovemaking Techniques to Learn

To be a good lover you need to learn good technique. Master these elements and you'll greatly increase intimacy in your relationship or future relationships, while becoming a memorable red hot lover.

1. Touch. There is a wealth of information on the different "erotic zones" which both male and females respond to in a sexually intimate manner. These are actual "triggers" that you can set off and they will jump start intimacy immediately, or they will greatly add towards stimulation during intimacy. Learning all about touch and the different areas will greatly increase you lovemaking game.

2. Kissing. Similar to touch, kissing is a powerful trigger that separates the great lovers from the average lovers. Women especially will pick up on a good kisser, and often water cooler conversations on each others boyfriends will center around, how good a kisser they are, or aren't. Never be in the latter category and always learn how to master kissing. This includes the different areas of the body to kiss. By employing both kissing and touching at the same time...well, needless to say you've easily catapulted yourself to "awesome lover" status. That is, if you learn the right areas to employ both of these techniques.

3. Tips and Tricks through a lovemaking manual. There are some poker red hot tips, tricks and techniques to be found in a good lovemaking manual (I list an excellent manual below). Much too hot for this article, these tricks are laid out in a manner where the execution of them is extremely easy. A good manual will also cover all the basics of touch and kiss as well. Then you'll learn the deep little secrets of how to make sexual intimacy over the top and extremely memorable. This will guarantee that you will hold the title of ''awesome lover'' for a long, long time!

Here's an excellent lovemaking manual with hundreds of poker red hot tricks and techniques - http://sex-skills.blogspot.com

Take your lovemaking skills to the next level and then some by becoming a great lovemaking partner, one who pleases beyond belief each and every time - http://sex-skills.blogspot.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chess_McDoogle

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