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Kama Sutra Online - Many Websites, One Path to Joy

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text detailing love and sex as both a joyful experience and a spiritual one. Though it was written nearly two thousand years ago, with parts of it being even older, it is finding new life today in the new media technologies. You can find fantastic guides to the Kama Sutra online.

Finding the Kama Sutra on the World Wide Web

In order to study online, you must have access to it and to supporting documents. Start with Bibliomania and other online library outlets, where the full text can be found. This is not an ideal solution, as online text files do not include the rich collections of pictures you can find in most print editions book, but it will get you started on the study.

Follow this by looking for Kama Sutra online study guides. There are easily dozens of quality texts and interactive books that give you all the information you need about it and how you can apply it to your life.

Be sure to check Google Images While some of the images are just plain pornographic exploitation, you will often find very good quality charts and graphics that will give you the visual instruction that digital texts do not.

What Not To Use for Online Kama Sutra Study

Unfortunately, like anything dealing with sex and pleasure, the test has been exploited by those who do not understand it. It is not just about sex, but rather, about a way of life, a way you can use sex on a deep emotional and spiritual level to bring you to that nirvanic sense of orgasm on a daily basis. It is also about the way men and women should deal with one another prior to sex, basically how to court one another.

There are a number of online outlets and print publications that take advantage of the notoriety of the book to sell their own products. For instance, Cosmo Magazine has a guide to Kama Sutra that is, frankly, just a collection of sex positions. When you study online, avoid this sort of material. Gravitate, instead, toward quality materials that focus on channeling sexual energy to enhance your and your partner's lives.

Remember, tantric love making is a way of life, not a one-night stand. Treat it with respect, and you will be generously rewarded.

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