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Facts You Need to Know About Creatine, Protein and Vitamins

Nutrition supplements are very useful in sports, weight-lifting and our just our everyday lives in general. I would like cover three of the main topics concerning supplementation: Vitamin, Protein and Creatine supplementation. Vitamin supplements are great for replenishing our bodies with the essential minerals that we expend or use up throughout our day. I will always be a supporter of vitamin supplements, but I strongly suggest careful consideration and research in choosing which vitamins you will use because some brands are not absorbed by the body as well as others. Two other important supplements, which are used for strength building and muscular growth, are protein and creatine. They are two of the biggest sellers in the supplement marketing world. Bodybuilders and athletes are the major users of protein and creatine and unless a person is a bodybuilder or an athlete of some sort they should not be using such supplements.

Protein is great for the hard working athlete who wants to put on muscle at a better rate than their body will allow without the added protein consumption. It is also absolutely necessary in the building and maintaining of muscle. When taking protein supplements do not abuse them; only think of the supplement as an added boost. Instead, try to get more protein in your meals. Protein supplementation combined with proper nutrition, proper hydration ( drink water...NOT sodas, beer, juices or milk) adequate rest and solid resistance training and cardio programs will drastically improve your physical well-being. In the athletic realm, the use of protein supplements as an addition to an already steady nutritional plan-of proper vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water-will help propel an athlete far above those who neglect protein supplementation.

The other supplement that many athletes and bodybuilders use is called creatine. Creatine maximizes muscle volume through water retention (increases hydration) and it boosts metabolism. The metabolism boost increases muscular energy and therefore increases muscular recuperation rates which results in more growth at a faster rate. Regular consumption has been shown to provide a more rapid increase in power and endurance during work outs, even athletic performances. Despite the proven benefits, some coaches and trainers are against the use of creatine by their athletes or clients because there have been claims of adverse side effects ranging from kidney stones to over aggression (such as the same side effect steroids have). I have used creatine and it did great things for me while I used it, but I had no signs of rage or uncontrollable anger and I surely did not develop kidney stones and neither has anyone I have heard of. Many of the warnings about these "adverse side-effects" are from people who have abused the substance or are naively passing along information they obtained from a friend or article lacking all the facts, if any facts at all. If an athlete or average person lifting weights uses the supplement properly, taking only the recommended dosages at the recommended times, and takes part in regular resistance and endurance training, the negative side effects would not occur except in extreme cases where the athlete's body just cannot handle the supplement. (There will be people whose bodies cannot handle it just the same way some people have allergic reactions to certain foods or chemicals.) In the same sense, your vehicle is not dangerous, harmful or deadly at all on its own, but is actually quite useful, beneficial and even fun. However, if you are an idiot and do not learn how to handle that vehicle correctly or if you choose not to follow the laws and practice safety then you will run into problems or eventually the death of yourself and maybe others. If you choose to abuse and overuse supplements then you are an idiot and that is how negative side effects occur from otherwise perfectly good

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