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7 Secrets on Hair Loss

Hair is a filament brought by the outgrowth of protein in mammals. The average Hair Loss is around 100 strands a day. This is normal and most of the time you do not even notice it. But if you are losing more than that clump of hair, it's time to get to the root cause of your problem and put a stop on it! This article is to provide you some tips on stopping it.

1. There are a number of factors which causes losing hair. One is vitamin deficiency. Anemia, which is a blood disorder, can cause your precious hair to fall off. The trick to prevent this problem caused by anemia is to eat food choices which are rich in iron and protein. Food and vitamin supplements can also compensate the underproduction of such nutrients.

2. Thyroid problems are also a cause of dropping hair. Once diagnosed by a professional to have an under active thyroid, proper medicines can regulate this gland problem, thus putting a stop on your problem predicament.

3. Hair falling due to fungal infection is also common. This is usually remedied by medicated anti-fungal steroids for severe cases and some specially formulated shampoos for mild ones. Once fungus has been cleared, normal growth will presumably follow unless there are other causes for hair falling. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist for skin or scalp infections.

4. Since the first three factors mentioned may require for you to take some oral medications, be wary since some of them may work against proper hair growth as well. If such is the case, discuss with your doctor for possible alternative treatments.

5. One of the biggest causes of the problem is improper lifestyle. Stress can trigger major health problems resulting to Hair Loss. Making time for proper relaxation can put stress out the problem equation. A proper diet is also essential in hair and scalp care. Follow a diet plan which can accommodate as much vitamin E, B5, B6 and B12 as possible. These vitamins can promote good scalp circulation and prevent the problem.

6. Everyday hair care can make a huge impact on your problem. The rule of thumb: do not abuse your hair. Hair grooming practices can add to the wear and tear which can lead to drastic problems. This includes the regular chemical and mechanical processes that goes thru. Whether you wish to bleach, color and perm your hair or have it frequently arranged fancily, make sure you do it sparingly. As always, anything in excess can do damage.

7. Holistic approaches with the promise of putting an end to the problem are also available. Some claim that special detoxifying teas can help, while others trust in the healing power of aromatherapy. Several herb varieties like lavender, jojoba, rosemary and thyme, to name a few, are said to help nutrition if massaged into the scalp. For alternative practices, make sure that they have legitimate claims and not just scams out to rob you out of money.

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