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Amazing Natural Acne Treatment to Stop Chest Acne

Acne was once known as the mark of adolescence. This image has slowly diminished with today's rapidly changing lifestyle. Studies have shown that at present, approximately fifty-four percent of the female population in their adulthood are suffering from various forms of Acne problems.

These problems may include pimples, blackheads and epidermal cysts. As teens, people acquire acne because of some genetic factors that may have left them prone to this condition. However, in adulthood, acne may come not only from the genetic factor, but also from the hormonal changes, stressful lifestyle, urban pollution and various preparations and medications such as birth-control pills.

Since hormonal changes, like that induced by menopause, are more drastic in women, they are also more prone to Acne problems as compared to men. Only forty percent of adult men at present are suffering from these skin irritations. Acne conditions in adulthood starts with the shedding of epidermal cells.

The flakes shed by the epidermis then clog up the skin's pores. Meanwhile, oil is produced by the oil glands in the skin, which should, ideally, be released through these pores. Since the pores are clogged, the oil builds up under the skin, creating a conducive environment for bacteria growth. One form of Acne problem common in women as well as men is the chest acne. People suffer from facial acne due to its increased exposure to pollution and other external acne-inducing factors.

However, people's bodies may also become prone to acne when the internal factors like hormonal change, genes, and medication are accompanied by perspiration trapped by synthetic clothing. The best way to avoid this condition is to wear breathable fabrics, like cotton, in order to induce evaporation of sweat. Another effective control measure against acne on the chest, neck and collar areas is the ClearPores body wash and lotion.

When used once every morning and every night, the ClearPores body wash will prevent the breakout of body acne. It is best to make ClearPores a daily regimen with the wash accompanied by the ClearPores lotion, to be used twice every week and the ClearPores Pills to be ingested for internal control of blemishes.

by Cholo Merce - acne treatment

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